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Hello, I am Jarvis, owner and operator of Jarvis Willis Events and Designs. I have enjoyed decorating for the holidays and also home decor ever since childhood. I have had a passion for any and everything art related or creative ever since I can remember. With God’s guidance, I have focused my life in a more defined direction of event planning and design. I desire to use my passion along with God’s guidance to create memorable experiences and designs to magnify the world in which we live.  I would like to work with you and add something special to your event and life.

About J.W.

The Small Details

Jarvis Willis Events and Designs specializes in bringing unique, elegance to your special event, home, or holiday decor. 
​This event and design company will redefined the meaning of special-event in terms of style, glamour and customer care while becoming a prestigious provider to clients nationwide for functions of all sizes, budgets and occasions.

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